Sandra Brown Bockrath 

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As a private tutor, I bring over 16 years of professional experience to the tutoring table. Originally from Tampa, Florida, I attended Plant High School, where I first discovered a love for mathematics and my natural teaching ability. My friends were always asking me for homework help, and I tutored several classmates in high school on a regular basis.  I also worked closely with the math competition teams as a coach and participant.


I attended Rice University in Houston, Texas to pursue a Bachelors degree in Psychology (with several math and business classes on the side!) and then completed a Masters in Human Resource Management from Houston Baptist University. While living in Houston, I spent three years working at Advantage Testing of Houston, Inc., where I received professional training on the best practices of private tutoring.  My training at Advantage Testing gave me a solid understanding of the structure, test strategies, and subject matter covered on the PSAT, SAT, and ACT.  I have now been teaching students how to approach these exams and reach their score goals for nearly 16 years! I had a "perfect score" (800) in math when I was in high school, and I have seen at least four of my students achieve this as well!  


In 2007, I founded Blue Owl Tutoring in my home town after working with several students in the Tampa Bay area. I have a lot of confidence in my teaching ability, and I love to help my students realize their own potential while building academic confidence and their knowledge of mathematics.  

Philosophy and Mission

My teaching philosophy is pretty straightforward: Every student can be GOOD at math! There are multiple ways to explain things and I will bring an abudance of patience to the table when trying to help my students understand.  

I want my students eliminate the phrase "I can't do this" from their vocabulary.

Tutoring sessions should be productive (and fun!) and my students should always walk away from a tutoring session feeling like they accomplished something and with a greater sense of confidence towards their courses.


The History of Blue Owl Tutoring

Blue Owl Tutoring has a pretty cool history (I have now worked in 5 states!) and started with just ONE client and a few business cards.  My reach to new students continues to grow as we move around the country.  I look forward to helping as many people as I can! 


Check out the HISTORY tab for the story on how we have helped students from coast to coast and soon hope to be tutoring online!