2002-2005:  I worked for Advantage Testing, Inc. in Houston, TX, where I learned from the very BEST in test prep (Mr. Jay Resh) how to connect with students, communicate with parents, and most importantly how to effectively TEACH the math material on the college entrance exams.  As well, I learned ways to motivate students, ease their test anxiety, and build confidence in mathematical ability.  Advantage Testing is where I fell in love with test prep and re-discovered something I that already knew about myself: I really loved to teach and work with students one-on-one! 
2005: I moved back to Tampa, FL because I was missing home and believed that Florida was where I really wanted to live.  This was a difficult life change and it felt like a huge decision at the time, but I was definitely right and I took an important lesson away from that move which I would like to pass along to my students: If you are not happy where you are living after college, MOVE!! It will all work out!  Live in a location that makes you the happy, and look for a job there.
2006:  I reconnected with Margaret Gandy and spent several afternoons brainstorming with her regarding the potential for a successful math tutoring company in Tampa, FL.  Margaret definitely gave me a huge amount of inspiration, and I will always be grateful for her confidence in my ability to turn a hobby I loved into a real career.
Thanks to my friend Elise (Gres) Ippolito, I also met Mary Schroeder and we teamed up to discuss how to provide a college test prep service to Tampa that would combine my expertise in math with Mary's successful Reading/Writing test prep program.   
2007: In April, I left the recruiting firm in downtown Tampa where I was working full-time, and I officially created the company Blue Owl Tutoring, Inc. (S-Corp) in September of 2007.  Note to hesitant entrepreneurs: DO IT!!!  
2008-2011: The first three amazing math tutors were added to the Blue Owl Team early in 2008: Danielle McDonald-Leffler, Brandie Waid, and Emily LeBlanc-Perrone.  I honestly attribute much of our success in Tampa to these 3 incredibly effective and patient teachers!  Later on, a few more tutors were hired (Corey Perich, Jessica Diaz, Stephanie Branham, Chris Adamo) and we were an unstoppable team! I am still so very proud of the number of students we were able to help during these years.
2008-2011: I got engaged and married in this same span of time, and then Tom and I had our first daughter in March of 2011. We simultaneously found out that the Air Force was sending us to the west coast for his second assignment.  Life throws you curve balls doesn't it?! 
2011-2014:  Blue Owl Tutoring (Tampa) was closed in June of 2011 due to our relocation to Southern California.  I joined and continued to work with nearly 40 students in California through 2014.
2014-2018:  After California, we had a quick 5 month TDY to Oklahoma, our second child was born, and then we landed in Delaware at Dover AFB.  I had the opportunity to work with over 50 students during our stay in Delaware and expanded my tutoring reach to online teaching.  Students are now able to connect with me online on Wyzant through online video and an interactive whiteboard.  I love that I can help so many more students through this platform! 
2018-present: Air Force and pilot life has the moving trucks in front of our house again, and this time we are heading south! The Bockrath family is relocating to Waxhaw, North Carolina during the summer of 2018. I am super excited to meet new students this fall and dedicate more time towards SAT/ACT prep. Please contact me if you are looking for a math tutor! 
Blue Owl Tutoring Tampa
Sandra Bockrath family