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CLIENT REVIEWS of Sandra Bockrath and Blue Owl Tutoring

I have likely worked with over 600 students since 2002.  I truly wish that I had collected more reviews from clients during the years that Blue Owl was in Tampa, but honestly we were just so busy improving math scores and grades that I didn't really think of doing that at the time!  The best review ever was a word-of-mouth referral, and I am so thankful for all of those that I have received over the years.  Please see my Google Business site for reviews, and here are some from Wyzant as well!  

Tutoring reviews that I have received from clients all over the country.... Thank you for such sweet words! 


I really struggle with math. My first meeting with you left me feeling very confident. You have this amazing ability to break each problem down so that it makes perfect sense. You are also extremely patient and never made me feel "bad" for not knowing the answer. I have no idea how I survived any other math class without you. I would recommend you to everyone!



Sandra is an amazing, patient instructor she has inspired me to work harder Using the virtual platform worked really well I would highly recommend Sandra for all levels of learning



Sandra has been a tremendous help for my girls preparing for the SAT. She knows the material, extremely knowledgeable and she knows how to best prepare them for the test.



Sandra’s tutoring and teaching strategies are really helping my son gain confidence in math. He jumped 2 math levels and within 3 lessons he feels able to keep pace and is more confident he is mastering the concepts as well as improving calculation skills. I highly recommend Sandra.



Sandra made math very easy to understand and has definitely helped me improve. I feel a lot more confident and I know I will get a better ASVAB score from my lessons with Sandra!



I was looking for a tutor to help my daughter take a placement test in Algebra, we were having trouble finding one who is not only good at math but can connect with my daughter. Right after the first session, my daughter told me that she likes Ms. Sandra very much, she went at a pace that clicked really well with her. We have scheduled regular sessions every week now with Ms. Sandra. She is very knowledgeable, energetic and works according to the kids pace. I would strongly recommend Ms. Sandra as math tutor.



I'm in college, I'm also an older student who did not learn what current high school students get to learn. I found Sandra, and she explains how to do college math in a way that you can easily understand. It's why I keep going back to her for my multiple math subjects in college. I'm 4.0 thank's to her talent as a tutor



Sandra is working with my daughter on Geometry. She helped break it down for Emily in a way she understood. Sandra made sure she knew what Emily was working on ahead of time, so that they could make the most out of their session! Thank you!



Sandra has given my daughter a strong foundation in algebra, she is now more confident in Math. She simplifies things and has a real talent in teaching middle schoolers!



We highly recommend Sandra. Our daughter needed some last minute math help before the ACT and Sandra was able to help out with short notice. We are so pleased that we will be scheduling more sessions with her for our middle school child to get her ready for the SAT/ACT.



Thank you Sandra!! When my daughter first came to you, she was very concerned about taking the math portion of the SAT. You have worked hard at preparing Jessica for what she was weak at. It was not a "cookie cutter" preparation. You made the program specific to what she needed. She feels good about taking the exam. Thank you so much!!



Sandra always helps me get a better understanding of my math work and teaches me tricks to help myself when I am in class! I highly recommend her!



Sandra is a great tutor. She helped me pass the math section of praxis 1. Before coming to her my score was 144 and I needed 150 to pass. After her help I passed with a 168. Sandra is very patient and willing to work with your availability. I would definitely send anyone who needs help with math to her.


Sandra is a very talented tutor. Our daughter was struggling big time and after just a few sessions with Sandra her grade in the class improved dramatically. She is patient and thorough. We cannot recommend her highly enough!



Sandra is very flexible with my schedule and is a great tutor! She makes sure I understand the material.



Sandra is an excellent tutor! Both patient and extremely and a great expert on math! She was able to help me pass a very hard college math! I could not have done it without her! I ended up with a B in the course. Highly recommend Sandra!



Sandra has changed my daughter's attitude towards Math. I know she has made an impact on her perception of Math also. The overwhelming proof is her sudden improvement in her grades. Also my daughter looks forward to Sandra coming by and tutoring her. Her experience really shines through!!



The difference that's Sandra's made is appreciable- both in my daughter's attitude towards math and in her grades! And Sandra always lets me know what they're working on, how the lessons went, and what my daughter needs to work on. I couldn't ask for more.



Sandra has been working with my daughter on math and study skills required to pass the Math Praxis to enable her to teach. The individualized structured and organized approach Sandra utilizes has helped Casey develop her confidence and skill acquisition. Additionally, she has been able to identify areas of weakness and focus on building up those areas through focused intervention in specific areas as well as developing homework assignments which aide in concept carry-over. Casey enjoys her tutoring sessions and the patience and sincerity Sandra displays during the lessons.



Sandra is a great tutor to work with! She is patient and professional and very flexible with her schedule. My granddaughter was happy working with her, and we would definitely ask for her help again! I would highly recommend Sandra to anyone looking for an excellent math tutor for their child!



My daughter had an F in algebra and needed to pass the retest. Her original grade was an F, and after just one hour with Sandra reviewing the questions, my daughter passed the next day with an A. I am amazed at how well she explained the material and how easy she makes it for my daughter to understand.



Sandy did a fantastic job working with my schedule and getting me prepared in a very short amount of time. She prepped me for the math portions of the AFOQT, Air Force Office Qualifying Test, and her instruction was phenomenal!



Sandra is a great tutor. My daughter has had a couple lessons with Sandra. She said Sandra explained the problems very clearly and easy to understand. And her SAT math score is getting higher. Thank you, Sandra!



Sandra is a great tutor for my daughter. She is patient and thorough. If she doesn't understand a concept, Sandra will try a variety of methods to help her. Sandra is also very accommodating. I would definitely recommend her.



Sandra is an excellent tutor. She gets right to the problems he's having in pre-algebra and helping him to practice and correct these problems. I'm confident that her help will get him "up to speed" for the coming year's class.



Sandra is wonderful at explaining math concepts in a way my daughter can understand. My teenager likes her very much and feels very comfortable working with her. Thank you Sandra.



My daughter was getting ready to take her S.A.T. and Sandra helped her get ready for the math portion of the test. She was very helpful to my daughter with understanding Math and tested her to get her feeling good about taking such an important test! My daughter only had 1 month to work with Sandra and she fit my daughter into her schedule well. My daughter was very happy working with Sandra. She has also continued to work with her for regular math class work that she was struggling with. She is now understanding it all much better! Great Tutor!! So glad we found her.



Sandra has proven to be an effective tutor. She has tutored my nephew in Geometry. He was barely passing this class, but in the end he received an A. Sandra has been very patient, encouraging and enthusiastic which has helped motivate him to work harder and to have confidence in himself. Sandra presented material in a way that was much easier for him to understand. He learned quickly through Sandra's teaching methods. She has been committed to improving his understanding of difficult math concepts and we continue to work with her towards his success in math courses and on the SAT.



My daughter was struggling with Geometry and was ready to give up and move to a lower math class. Sandra has taken time to teach in a way that has helped my daughter so much. We have already experienced higher tests scores in the first week! Sandra is very professional. So grateful we found her.



I decided to get a tutor after seeing the problems that my son was having in Geometry. Chapter #1 - 45.46%, Chapter #2 - 70.27%, and Chapter# 3 - 68%. After two sessions with Sandra my son took the benchmark test for Chapters 1-3 and received an 86.67%. His is very excited about his progress and can't wait for his next tutoring session.



Sandra is a great tutor. She works very well with my 14 year old son. I am starting to see his grade increase.



I contacted Sandra via email and she responded the same day literally within hours. She indicated that she was willing to accommodate her schedule to meet our student's needs. Our son meets with Sandra in the Public Library which is across the street from his high school to get private tutoring for his pre-calculus class. His personal feedback includes phrases like "she's a great teacher".



Sandy e-mailed me within 20 minutes of me sending my interest and was ready for me to schedule the session. She worked with both of my sons, ages 12 and 14, both in algebra and different levels. She was kind, positive, intelligent, and very professional in addition to really knowing her stuff and all three of us really liked her!


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